Admissions Process

Our admissions process starts with the patients selection step. Selection of patients is the preliminary step of the admissions process at New Start 4U. From a medical stand point, some patients are in a very unstable medical situation. Accordingly, they cannot go through the regular admissions process. Others may suffer from any kind of disabilities that make them irremediable. So, our selection process helps us take cases that we can help get back to track in a reasonable recovery time. To this end, our rehab advisors walk the caller through a few questions to better understand his/her case. Usually, we take medical and non-medical factors into consideration.

For the sake of example, medical factors that we are interested in are diagnosis, prognosis and secondary complications. The non-medical factors include the health insurance coverage for addiction treatment, personal situation and material status. Read here our terms and conditions.

Towards a fair selection process, the managers at New Start 4U work on eliminating any kind of biases in the selection process. Admittedly, there is a room for subjectivity in the selection factors. Patients should not be disadvantaged because of some circumstances that are out of their control. For example, some patients are heavy addicted to pain killers that are prescribed by the doctors. To alleviate these changes, we constantly review the admissions process and improve it. In addition, we run the application process through a rehab advisor and his supervisor. This way, at least two physicians have to make a collective decision on the patient. Furthermore, if New Start 4U decided against taking any patient, our admissions office will help you find the best drug and alcohol rehab centers that suits your needs. Also, check our latest news here.

Admissions Process
Admissions Process at New Start 4U

Admissions Steps

  • Give us a call

The first step in our admissions process is to give us a call. Reach out to one of our nationwide admissions office through the Toll-FREE number. Our rehab advisors are available 24×7 and are happy to take your call. On your approval, our staff will record your call unless you ask for otherwise.

  • Conduct a short interview with our rehab experts

During that phone call, our rehab advisors will walk you through a series of questions to better understand your case, personal factors and medical history. At the end of the call, you will be informed about:

  1. Different addiction treatment programs and the one we recommend in your case
  2. Whether or not you need to go through cognitive behavioral therapy
  3. Whether or not a holistic therapy makes sense in your case
  4. Different payment options and health insurance coverage if applicable
  5. Whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is the best option for you
  6. A list of what you can (not) bring in to our rehab centers
  7. A date to walk in and see one of our rehab experts in person
  • Assign you a case manager

For the sake of optimal treatment and communications, New Start 4U assigns you a case manager who will take care of everything for you. This includes finishing off the admissions process, talking to your employer or the court (if needed), introducing you to the staff and following-up with the staff on your recovery process.

  • Arrival at one of our rehab centers

Once the intake process is taken care of at our rehab center, you will see a doctor under the supervision of your case manager. At that point of time, we walk you through your detailed treatment plan and the after-care program. If you do inpatient rehab, then you will stay in our family-like center. Otherwise, if you do outpatient rehab, additional appointments will be scheduled with your doctor and case manager.


Congratulations on taking this great step. At New Start 4U, you should be sure that you are in good hands. We have been in this business since 2000 and have helped thousands of patients to get back on track. We make no judgments here. Our rehab experts understand that it is not your fault. Falling victim to addiction is not something you should be ashamed of. Give us a call today and start the admissions process. You won’t regret you did. If you have any questions read our FAQ page or contact us.

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