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Drug Rehab Austin Texas | 512-402-3363 | New Start 4U

Are you looking for alcohol and drug rehab Austin Texas? Do you feel that you may need to speak with someone about your addiction? We have helpful and friendly people here awaiting your call. This is a judge free zone where we want to see you be the best you possible. And, we know that sometimes this takes a little help. In reality, there are people of all walks of life addicted to various things and it is okay. Life happens. So, feel free to seek an extended care.

Undoubtedly, there is a large epidemic in the US right now for Opiates. This is due to the surgeons and doctor’s not being responsible for what they prescribe. If you are dependent on pain medications, it is okay. There have been 1000’s of people just like you walk through our doors. And, it wasn’t your fault. You were following directions from a person you trusted. We understand and it’s okay, we just want you better and healthier. We want you to be enjoying your life in a free manner. Reach out at any time. Our staff at New Start 4U is available 24X7 at 512-402-3363.

Find the Best Drug Rehab Austin TX

Are you searching for the top alcohol and drug advice and not sure what to look for? There are so many options and so many offers that your head is spinning? We like to help people navigate a bit. Reach out and we’ll ask you some simple questions as well as answer any that you have. There are many ways to go about detoxification and options that can help with this. Not every patient is the same and we understand this. That makes our recovery center stands out among the crowd.

This is why we need to sit down and discuss the options that are available to you. What you might think sounds better than another, as everyone is different and we do a custom treatment program for this. And, we would like to make this process as painless as possible. We want to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout this entire journey. We offer various support options that can help you along the way and even after you are over the worst of it. For example, a client with work commitments will sign up for an intensive outpatient journey. Yet, individuals that do not have this kind of commitment may prefer an inpatient treatment.

Our Rehabilitation Center is Unique

Every person is unique and so is their treatment program. Specifically, individuals with alcohol addiction need a different recovery center compared to those who are under any kind of drug addiction like cocaine. Moreover, some people need in-house solution, AKA inpatient treatment. Whereas others can do this without being away from work, also defined as intensive outpatient. Either way is fine. Besides, clients may also be interested in getting an extended care. So, you shouldn’t feel bad about what works for you, but embrace it. That is how we take it at our recovery center. In all events, just remember that drug addiction is not always your fault. We know that, understand it and are willing to assist you through your long journey.

Embracing that you are human is something that will help you through this entire process. Understanding that you have gotten yourself into a place where you need help, but there is help all around you. So, take full advantage of it. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but that of strength, you are acknowledging that you are valuable and worthy. And, you know what? You are valuable and worthy. So, we want to help you succeed in your growth. Let’s get you back on track to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

In our supportive community, we deal with everyone. You would be surprised at the various clients that walk through our doors. And, the stereotypes people have for people that seek help are totally untrue. This day and age there are people of all walks of like addicted to one thing or another. Life is very fast paced and sometimes it happens before we realize it. Our supportive staff will connect you to the most suitable sobriety living home.

Why Our Addiction Treatment Center?

Our dual diagnosis care is designed to meet your medical history and personal needs. Furthermore, a few of partnered facilities offer small programs of 30 beds. That allows for individual and customized treatment plans. With us, each patient is assigned a case manager. So, we guarantee that there is no miscommunication and our physicians never lose the oversight. Our drug and alcohol advisors meet every day with the case manager to discuss the treatment progress and check, if any kind of adjustment has to be made.

24/7 Assessments: Our team is available 24×7 even if you sign up for an intensive outpatient rehab. With us, we do the medical assessment through confidential phone calls. Yet, you can request in-person meetings to assess your case. Call in to schedule a meeting to understand your needs.

Long-term Cooperation with Continuum of Care (CoC): In a few cases, we enforce a close cooperation with continuum of care to ensure that our clients won’t have any issues once they are done with the rehabilitation program.

Professional Referrals: We are mainly a referral service. Recently, our leadership partnered with the most professional healthcare providers that offer the highest quality of care. We constantly update our partnership programs to add more partners. As a result, you have a kind of all-in-one package. So, we can assist you through this tough time no matter what your mental and/or physical disorders are.

Non-Addictive Medication: Obviously, addiction treatment using addictive medication does not put you on the right track. Accordingly, we offer you non-addictive medications that relief your pain and help you recover without getting dependent on them. Yet, if you go for a residential treatment, we may occasionally alter the dose. This way, we do relapse prevention the right way.

Our Recreation Therapy

Recreation Therapy: Our staff focuses on teaching interpersonal skills and self-awareness. In addition, the onboard-counsels show our patient diverse methods on how to enjoy life post the treatment without getting back to be substance dependency. That is why our sobriety living house offers a 24×7 access to different entertainment options like gym, yoga courses, SPA wellness, and social events. Statistically, this proves to work specifically if you are suffering from alcohol addiction. Check out our testimonials to know that you will be in safe with us.

Therapeutic Activities:  From a medical perspective, substance addiction does not only affect your body. Instead, it does affect your mind and spirit. Sadly, prolonged consumption of Opioids, or alcohol has a negative impact on your motivation to go through your life and leads to physical/mental disorders. As a result, we take this into consideration at our treatment house. We do not only cure the physical consequences of drugs addiction. Rather, we do also cure the spiritual consequences. In this regard, you may need to check out our new wellness department.

Family Therapy: That is where we stand out among the crowd. For example, alcohol addiction is an issue for the whole family. The same applies to cocaine or any drugs dependency. That is why we need to offer education groups to the families of our patients. While we put you through one of our treatment programs, we also take care of your families and loved ones. Each client is treated equally no matter his gender, health disorders, race, color, religion, etc.

Alumni Support

Our helping resources in North America are specialized in long-term and safe solutions. Join our community today!

Alumni Support: That is a bi-monthly aftercare program that offers a structured guidance on how to avoid getting back to addiction issues. Our staff members from different departments are involved in these meetings to answer all your questions. Indeed, our alumni sessions get the best testimonials in the county and are highly recommended by our clients as well as a bunch of healthcare providers.

Our Treatment Partner Approach: Our marketing team works with a wide range of facilities in the county and across the nation. As a result, we offer you all what you need. For example, if our intensive outpatient program does not match your workload, we will connect you to another partner where you find what you need. And the beauty of this approach is that you only have to write us an email.

Our Services

In fact, our recovery roadmap and alumni support are outstanding for many reasons. First, our services are comprehensive because we partnered with a number of  drug rehab centers in Austin TX. This way, our patients do not have to look anywhere else for whatever treatment they need. Second, our full recovery approach is customized and tailored to your circumstances. This way, every individual can get back on the right road.

Third, the recovery steps provide a unique approach to detox quickly with the least possible pain. Besides, our sobriety experts guarantee a relapse prevention. Honestly, this recovery phase is the hardest step for men and women and could lead to a depression. Yet, do not panic. Fourth, our recovery program is not the same for women and men as each gender differs. In fact, not only individuals are not the same. But it has been also proved that women and men may react differently to the same recovery plan. Practically, our clinical results can back this claim up.

Fifth, our recovery roadmap includes a customized aftercare followup as well as alumni support. Indeed, it is the last but the most healing step. It works on your mental state to avoid falling into the depression trap and cure any other disorder you may have. Finally, our leading concept makes our facility like your home. For example, our executive detox, recovery, and intensive aftercare road includes social events, sports, wellness, family nights, etc. As a result, we take your mental health to the next level. Next, you can learn more about our resources, or send us an email. The communication setting, including phone conversation and in-person meetings, is governed by our privacy setting. So, you are in good hands!

Alcoholism Treatment Program

Use our contact form to help you get and stay sober. Recovery from drinking issues has been easier thanks to our 12-step program that helps detox in the shortest possible time. Our mental health lessons will help you get and stay sober.

Without a doubt, our alcoholism recovery facility can provide you the highest quality treatment to overcome your drinking issues. We do not care what your addiction level is. Our advisors make no judgments and it is not always your fault. Through a confidential phone or in-person conversations, our recovery experts will conduct a short interview with you. This helps us understand your case and design the treatment accordingly. Check out our alcohol rehab centers in Austin. You won’t regret you did. We are here to help with our individual detox techniques. So, you are not alone. You have everything to win and nothing to loose.

Inpatient Services

Our 12-step recovery program will make your time with us go easy. In addition, our counseling service will work on your mental health to easy your sober living.
If you are still struggling to find the highest rated inpatient recovery, then stop searching. Without a doubt, you hit the last step. In fact, our residential facilities are setup to make you feel at home and live comfortably. Our staff is available around the clock to help you get back on track. In addition, we grant you access to additional services like gym, SPA, social room, library, etc. So, your search for inpatient sober living ends here. Our success rate speaks for itself. In addition, you can speak with your case manager to customize your sober living based on your personal needs, family commitments and work schedule. Give us a call today for more info about our inpatient rehab.

Outpatient Programs

Our mental health therapy includes a supervised counseling to make your sober living an easy time for you and your loved ones. Your recovery is our responsibility. Pick the phone now to talk to our helping physicians.

Are you looking for outpatient rehab? If yes, then here is the deal for you and your beloved ones. Our recovery programs are designed to meet your schedule and workload. Besides, we also accommodate any personal or family needs. Your case manager will work with you to balance out your life with the treatment. As a result, all our treatment strategies are customized. Check here our outpatient care.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our counseling services involve behavioral therapies sessions that work on your mental health. Learn more through our articles without any payment. You and your loved ones won’t regret you did.

Our admissions office will connect you to the top rated rehab center. Literally, you are one call away from finding out the best counseling service across the nation. So, talk to one of our agents in the US. Our advisors are available 24×7 and will walk you through the treatment process that perfectly suits your needs. Check here our substance abuse counseling.

Test LAB

Specific recovery plans for mental health without extra payment. That is why you need to choose us. Learn more through our website or contact form on how to go through a perfect sober living.

Our clinics are equipped with a modern lab to conduct any tests you need. So, we can help you with any kind of test you need for your employer, court, etc. Call us for more information about the requirements and schedule an appointment to walk in. We are happy to help around the clock. You won’t regret your decision.

New Start 4U provides test services for the following industries and other Austin rehab centers:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT compliant testing)
  • Any kind of Construction Companies
  • Sport related organizations that require drug screening
  • Drug screening for civil service jobs and potential employers
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
  • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PMHSA)
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG)

Our physicians will make sure that you get what your organization asks for. Fortunately, all our employees are licensed testers. Accordingly, our clinical results are certified. As a result, you won’t need to go somewhere else.

Other Therapies and Approaches

Over come your Marijuana abuse, drug alcohol issues at drug rehab in Austin Texas

We are happy to forward you to the most professional drug treatment center in Austin that offers a wide variety of recovery options:

  • 12 step programs that are approved by drug experts
  • Elite cognitive behavioral therapy to speed up the recovery process
  • Dialectical behavior therapy for substance abusers
  • Social therapy for your loved ones
  • Group and individual therapy sessions
  • Substance abuse healing programs, e.g. Heroin, Cocaine
  • Modern types of psychotherapy used for addiction treatment
  • Licensed chemical dependency advisors
  • Developing life skills essential to recovery for substance abusers
  • How to get your social life back on track post the addiction treatment
  • Surefire ways to communicate with someone who has an addiction
  • Little-known ways to cope with anger in addiction recovery
  • Prevention techniques and avoiding relapse triggers

From a medical stand point, doctors usually do some regular checks to decide the best cure for you. So, do not rush with the first treatment option you find. You need to consult the experts first. Otherwise, you could worsen your situation.

Health Insurance Coverage

Our partners work with the most insurance companies in the nation. We do our best to make your process super easy for you. So, if your insurance company is listed below, then our on-boarding team will take care of the rest. If not, do not panic. We can still work something out. On the call, ask about the best self-pay programs. You can find below the accepted insurance policies for detoxification, Austin inpatient rehab, outpatient care, and alcohol rehab:

  • Aetna Whole Health
  • Beacon Home Care, Com Psych, Cigna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield including Blue Advantage
  • Of Veteran’s Affairs PC3 Program (Triwest Region)
  • Medicare, TRICARE
  • Humana Inc.
  • MultiPlan – Private Health Care Systems (PHCS)
  • Scott and White
  • Seton Insurance, United Behavioral Health

Our Location

  • New Start 4U
  • 9412 Quail Meadow Dr #B – Austin, TX 78758
  • 24×7 Local Number: +1 (512) 387-2135
  • Hours: 24/7
  • Services:
    • Addiction Treatment
    • Rehabilitation Center
    • Alcoholism Treatment Program
  • Maps and Directions

Driving Directions

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport:

  1. Get on TX-71 W from Presidential Blvd
  2. Take US-183 N, Airport Blvd, I-35 N, N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd and E Rundberg Ln to Quail Meadow Dr
  3. Turn right onto Quail Meadow Dr


  1. Head east toward Lavaca St
  2. Take I-35 N, N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd and E Rundberg Ln to Quail Meadow Dr
  3. Turn right onto Quail Meadow Dr

Texas State Capitol:

  1. Get on I-35 N/US-290 E from E 5th St and N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd
  2. Follow I-35 N to N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd.
  3. Take exit 241 from I-35 N
  4. Follow N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd and E Rundberg Ln to Quail Meadow Dr

W 6th St:

  1. Get on TX-1 Loop N
  2. Continue on TX-1 Loop N to Research Blvd.
  3. Take the exit toward Payton Gin Rd/Ohlen Rd from US-183 S
  4. Take Payton Gin Rd, Briardale Dr and Hunters Trce to Quail Meadow Dr

The University of Texas:

  1. Get on I-35 N/Interregional Hwy from E Dean Keeton St and N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd
  2. Follow I-35 N/Interregional Hwy to N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd.
  3. Take exit 241 from I-35 N/Interregional Hwy
  4. Follow N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd and E Rundberg Ln to Quail Meadow Dr

Cities in Texas

Local Communities Served

  • 73301
  • 73344
  • 78681
  • 78701
  • 78702
  • 78703
  • 78704
  • 78705
  • 78708
  • 78709
  • 78710
  • 78711
  • 78712
  • 78713
  • 78714
  • 78715
  • 78716
  • 78717
  • 78718
  • 78719
  • 78720
  • 78721
  • 78722
  • 78723
  • 78724
  • 78725
  • 78726
  • 78727
  • 78728
  • 78729
  • 78730
  • 78731
  • 78732
  • 78733
  • 78734
  • 78735
  • 78736
  • 78737
  • 78738
  • 78739
  • 78741
  • 78742
  • 78744
  • 78745
  • 78746
  • 78747
  • 78748
  • 78749
  • 78750
  • 78751
  • 78752
  • 78753
  • 78754
  • 78755
  • 78756
  • 78757
  • 78758
  • 78759
  • 78760
  • 78761
  • 78762
  • 78763
  • 78764
  • 78765
  • 78766
  • 78767
  • 78768
  • 78772
  • 78773
  • 78774
  • 78778
  • 78779
  • 78783
  • 78799

Why should you sign up for Austin drug and alcohol rehab?

  •  Austin is a great place for addiction treatment:

In fact, going for addiction recovery here is a great idea. First, the relocation logistics became super easy. Besides, we offer you a new life here and help you find a job as well as start over without social pressure. That said, we work with you to avoid getting back on the addiction track.

As a matter of fact, it is very usual for those who do out-of-state rehab to stay in the state after recovery. In our experience, most people prefer to do the rehab out of their cities and states for the sake of their privacy. That makes sense. A new city brings new luck. And a new city will give you a great chance to start over and get over the old history. As a result, it makes sense to know a little but the city of Austin.

  • It is super convenient to relocate (if needed):

There are a lot of reasons why you want to relocate and live here. Below is just a sample list.

Low Cost of Living: Unlike other cities in the US, you do not have to earn a fortunate to make a living here. The average income is around $50K USD and you can afford a nice life with that kind of income.

Low Taxes: The state is known for not having to pay personal income tax or corporate tax. Additionally, the tax on sales ranges from six to eight percent. Generally, the tax burden is not as heavy as it is in the other states.

Warm Weather: From a medical stand point, the warm weather offers great health benefits for those who go through addiction treatment. Specifically, the sunny weather will help you improve your mood and creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about Austin?

It is the capital of the state of Texas and the fourth largest city in the state. Also, it is characterized by its great nature and parks. There are around 205 city-owned parks and playgrounds. A little more than 3 million people are living here and the average income is a little over 50K USD. Fortunately, Austin leads the tech hubs, making it a thriving job market. Here, there a lot of tech companies with headquarters. In addition, it is rich with a lot of social organizations that offer volunteer and job opportunities. We are based in the EST time zone. As a result, it is possible to easily connect to your family and beloved ones. In addition, the city offers a multi-cultural environment that helps you recover.

What are the Points of Interest and Landmarks?

The city has incredibly a lot to offer. There are a lot of historic sites like O. Henry Home & Museum, French Legation Museum and Rainey Street Historic District. In addition, you will be amazed how many points of Interest this city has. You got to check the 6th street, Austin central library, and Cathedral of Junk. Also, if you are a religious person, Austin still has a lot to offer. You need to visit St. Mary’s Cathedral, Radha Madhav Dham, Xiang Yun Temple and First Baptist Church.

Still got more questions about drug rehab in Austin Texas? Pick the phone and talk to us, or check our list of FAQs.

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