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Drug Rehab Dallas TX | (469) 209-5855 | New Start 4U

Are you still looking for Drug Rehab Dallas Texas? Unfortunately, alcohol and drug rehab is everywhere. They are on the rise as the prescription industry took off with their pain killers and was left unchecked for years. However, in recent years people are learning these addictions are not healthy or safe. Often times if you are addicted to prescriptions, the path will lead to drug alcohol rehab. And, from there, life is just kind of spirals out of control.

However, our Dallas drug treatment centers can help. We deal with people on an individual basis to learn how you came to need us and how we can help. We believe that not everyone walks the same path. Because of this, not everyone’s treatment is the same. Some struggle greatly with mental health issues, of which, we address and treat right along with the drug addiction itself. As a result, our recovery therapy is personalized to meet your professional and personal needs.

Additionally, we have an aftercare program in place to ensure relapse prevention. We can help if you need a residential treatment, or outpatient programs. In either way, our certified advisors will take you under their wings to digest your case and where you are coming from. That is the first thing all substance abuse treatment programs have to kick-off with. Practically, alcohol addiction is handled differently from any other kind of addiction. Also, the detox phase is different for everyone.

Find An Effective Drug Rehab Dallas

We have solutions for just about everyone that will make detoxification as painless as possible. Before we kick-off anything, however, we will speak to you, listen to your concerns and set up a positive plan of action that will be beneficial for you to understand. People oftentimes do better in alcohol and drug rehab if they know what to expect and what the next phase or step will be. We don’t believe that surprises are really what fragile people need. Which is why we take this step to get to know you and let you know how we can help to begin your sobriety living.

If you have never tried rehab programs, it can be a very scary thing. But, no worries, we will help you understand the goals and process with ease. We believe in kindness and not in harsh reality. Yes, going through an addiction treatment isn’t a walk in the park. It will be tough at times and rough, but we have medications and counseling all right here to help you along the way. There isn’t a better moment to get sober than right now. Everything will be so much more clear and beautiful, a dark shadow will be lifted from your life and a new beginning will kick in.

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Are Unique!

Undoubtedly, patients are unique and so is drug and alcohol addiction. Thus, rehab programs must be unique too. You just need to understand that a recovery therapy is time consuming and won’t happen overnight. So, please be patient. Sadly, more often than not, clients give up and terminate their treatment programs because they expect overnight results. That is not realistic.

Yet, what makes us unique is our withdrawal timeline we design with you from day one. We totally understand that patients cannot wait forever to see results from their rehab programs. That is why we give you rough timelines in the beginning to set your expectations accordingly. Adding to that, what makes our Dallas rehab centers unique are our long-term recovery services to get you back on track and improve your mental health.

Moreover, we do take care of you, your family and loved ones. Our staff helps you go through the detox phase as easy as possible. We make no judgments and totally understand that the cold turkey phase is not fun. Yet, our private group of experts will make it way easier for you. Also, we do our best to make you feel at home and stay focus to get the maximum out of your drug alcohol rehab. Furthermore, substance abuse requires in most cases a behavioral therapy to overcome any health disorder that may results from the previous history. In our experiences, heroin dependency is a good example for that.

Recovery Programs!

In all reality, our recovery program is characterized by being a non-addictive medication. Obviously, it does not make sense to treat one addiction for the other. Sadly, a few drug rehab centers in Dallas TX do not take this point into consideration. As a result, their clients overcome one issue but have another one. In addition, our treatment services include the following elements:

Therapeutic Activities: Unfortunately, over consumption of drugs and/or alcohol has a negative impact on your willing to live. Yes, substance abuse kills your body, mind and spirit. Thus, we have to cure your body and any other spiritual consequences.

Recreation Environment: Our inpatient drug detox provides confidential and helping climate to start over and regenerate. We are one of the few sobriety living houses that provide their clients 24h access to gym, wellness, library, etc.

Relapse Prevention: Our inpatient treatment as well as outpatient care provides aftercare guidance to keep you on the right track. That is a long-term strategy to stage an intervention, which is super effective to assist you in the new life.

Comprehensive Treatment: Ultimately, our goal is to make you the best possible person and assist you integrate into the society. So, we have a partnership program with diverse substance abuse treatment centers Dallas TX. This way, we ensure that you have everything you need to beat any health disorders.

Health Insurance Provider: There are no tough restrictions on what your insurance provider offers. That means we do not ask for any specific one. From day one, we care about you. We want you to feel at home and detox with the least possible pain. We worked before with Bruno Nascimento, Blue Lion Medicare, iHealthBrokers, Best Medigap Rate, LAY and WILLIAMS Health Insurance Service, Heartland Health Insurance, etc.

A Typical Day with Us!

Well, with us not each day is like the previous one. We work around the clock to make your accommodation with us interesting and kill any boring. However, depending on whether you signed up for women’s or men’s program, you may expect your day to run as follows:

Mornings – Our friendly nursing staff will wake you up on time to ensure that your medication intake is not delayed. Afterwards, a healthy breakfast with some refreshments are awaiting you. Alumni support groups and meetings take place in the late mornings.

Afternoons – Given the availability of our health experts onboard, your lunch will be served based on their recommendations. Typically, if all goes well, the afternoons are filled in with family meetings as well as education classes on your medical status and how drugs affect your health. Occasionally, we go out in the afternoons and, once in a while, we even drive to another city.

Evenings – After dinner, the evening is planned for the one-on-one sessions, 12-step program, or personal time. Occasionally, we host alumni speakers or arrange movie nights. You can ask your families and loved ones to join.  

We love to be apart of your life as a Dallas drug rehab center, as we love watching the beautiful transformations. We offer both in-house care as well as outpatient treatment and will help you decide what type is the most adequate for you. According to our medical contracts terms, our facility has support groups as well as licensed and trained professionals that will walk this journey with you every step of the way.

Highlights of our Services

Gender-Separate Environment: The opposite gender may have a negative impact on the designed recovery road by distracting you. So, our residences are gender-separate.

Individual and Group Sessions: Our certified clinicians provide one-on-one psychotherapy to help you talk freely about your past history and any other problems. Yet, group classes and education groups are also available to help you socialize and process thoughts. This way, you can improve your interpersonal skills.  

Treatment for Co-occurring Mental Health Issues:  Our clinical treatment has one thing in its focus from day one, which is your well-being. Having spiritual disorders during your journey with us won’t help you recover. That is why you will see our psychiatrist on a regular basis. Furthermore, you will have a 247 access to our fitness studio to ensure that your physical fitness is in order.   

Chronic Relapse Track: Our specialized chronic relapse track prevents relapse before it happens. That is what makes our detoxification facilities stand out among the crowd. We solve the issue before it happens.

Nutrition: A little-known fact is that special cuisines can help you recover quicker. That is where our specialists get together with the kitchen staff to enforce this feature into your plan. The food is delicious and can also be customized to special dietary requirements (if required).

Aftercare: There is no disconnection with our patients once the recovery is over. In our assessment session, we will inform you on the next steps and programs that you can voluntarily participate in. If needed, these programs are also family focused.

Alcoholism Treatment Program

Our drug addiction team gives you an honest advice on how to detox and stay clean. Your search for somebody to rely on ends here!

We are specialized in providing alcohol rehab. So, do not take high risks and let us help you stop drinking with the least possible pain. Do not pick the first option you have and search well. Life is too short to take such high risks. We need to gradually detox and wean off alcohol consumption. If it is done wrong, you will relapse soon. Check here our recovery plan for alcohol consumption.

Inpatient Rehab

Our state wide social group will continue helping you.

Our Dallas inpatient drug rehab is characterized by a few highlights that are mentioned earlier. Just to recap, our highlights are the gender separate facilities, the availability of one-on-one as well as group education sessions, dietary menu that help in healing. You may need to pay this page a visit to learn more information about our in-house rehabilitation. It is like an all-in-one package that makes sure you have everything you need to heal and start over.

Outpatient Rehab

It does not matter if you are in the north, south, east, or west. Search for detoxification experts as we can still help!

Outpatient drug rehab Dallas is your first option if you cannot stay away from work and family during your treatment. That is absolutely fine. In fact, there is a myth about this kind of partial hospitalization that throws a doubt on its efficiency. Our nonresident treatment is different and done the right way to ensure that you get the maximum out of your treatment with us.

Pick the phone and call now, you have taken the first and the worst step already. You have decided that you have a problem and need help. We are here for you. We offer a variety of proven treatment plans that will help you beat this drug and alcohol addiction. And, you will become the person you are meant to be. You are better than your substance abuse issue and you are worth fighting for. We have trained and licensed counselors that will help you along this very difficult journey. Our rehab center is here for you and we have confidence in you, even when you don’t have confidence in yourself.

Certificate Programs

Daring Way and Rising will help in curing your substance abuse

We recently integrated the following programs to make our facilities work according to the state-of-the-art methods.

Daring Way: Dr. Brené Brown’s is the bestselling author and renowned TED talks speaker. He owns one the best shame-resilience curriculum. It is an effective approach that teaches recovery-enhancing exercises and diverse methods that address among others shame, scarcity and comparison.

Rising Strong: It is a well-known book by Brené Brown. It simply teaches killing methods on how to overcome the past and start over. The techniques addressed in this book will make you a new person. Also, it teaches how to remain motivated even if you stumbled.

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Dallas, Texas

It is one of the main cities in Texas, located in its north. The US government considers Dallas a connection point of the commercial and cultural things. According to the official statistics published in 2017, the population is approximately 1.341 million. Today, it is well known for being a crowded city, thanks to the high number of restaurants and shopping centers. It is also full of Skyscrapers, such as Bank of America Plaza (1985) and Reunion Tower (1978).

 The city is also characterized by the availability of diverse industries. Indeed, the top industries are technology, defense, and financial services. Also, the oil and gas as well as the aerospace industries are very advanced in the Fort Worth area. When it comes to food, the cuisine in Dallas is super rich and you won’t be happy leaving this city. The most recommended dishes are Ahi Poke at Velvet Taco, Skittles Sangria at The Common Table, Cookies at JD’s Chippery, Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit at Whataburger and Fried Chicken at Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar.

According to the Census ACS 1-year survey, the median household income is around $67K, which makes Dallas a good place to live in. Thanks to the availability of diverse industries, it is not hard to find a job there. Additionally, the University of Texas at Dallas provides a great opportunity to earn a school degree. In all events, if you decided to do drug rehab in Dallas, you should pay a visit to the top-rated tourist attractions that are The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas World Aquarium and Reunion Tower.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How much time do I need to get back on track?

The withdrawal timeline is not standard for everyone. It depends on a lot of factors that are your age, gender, past history, dose you were on, and any other health conditions. Yes, women and men do not react the same way to the same kind of treatment. Also, it also depends on your treatment center and the strategy they work with. In all events, you will have to start with the detoxification phase. Afterwards, our dual diagnosis experts will take it from there and help you stay sober. In this regards, you should know that any medicines intake in our house will be allowed only using a prescription.

Do you accept all health insurance providers?

Yes we handle all types of policies, as long as the insurance provider can stamp our medical contractor and treatment approach. We worked with almost every company in the state of Texas. There are a group of regulations that we have to adhere to. This way, the admission process goes really well. In case you have no insurance, no worries. We can still find a solution as we have self-pay programs that are quite affordable. And, we can work with private companies and accept any kind of payment.

How can I sign up for a treatment program?

Give us a call to kick off the assessment session. Our staff is ready 24×7 in all US cities that can be reached through our 4 admission offices in the state of Texas. One of our employees will walk you through a few questions to know your case and forward your file to a case manager. Accordingly, we will schedule a meeting with you to go in-person over the different options we have and pick the most appropriate one.


You may also need to check our most recent FAQs list. Still got questions about drug rehab Dallas? No problem. Stop struggling and call us today at (469) 209-5855. We will be happy to help you find the most suitable rehabs treatment for you.

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