When you are looking for drug rehab centers in San Antonio Texas, finding just the right clinic is important. After all, you will be going down some very bumpy stretches in life during rehab and you need to be with someone that you trust. Someone that cares about you as a person and understands that detoxification is a very difficult time in your life. If you have come to our web page, understand that you have just taken the most difficult step, the step of accepting you need help.

This step is the first step to freedom and your new life. It is the step that everyone who comes through our doors had to make. Never feel alone, as there are 1000’s of people just like you making this step. In fact, when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, it is not always your fault. Recently, physicians prescribe pain killers that could lead to this issue. Moreover, life stress leads more and more to alcohol abuse. As a result, hundreds of people are searching online for a recovery center.

Find Drug Rehab Centers in San Antonio Texas

We are a certified recovery center that covers north and south Texas. Our approach is a whole-body experience with our patients at an individual level. We understand that no two people are alike and neither should be their treatment programs. It is important that we take time to get to know you, what your likes and dislikes are and listen to you. We understand that. You know you better than anyone else. You know your reactions, mental health, and fears what brought you to the drugs and what it’s going to take to help you. We provide not only detox programs but also ways for you to get advice and counseling. It is not only important to get drugs or alcohol out of your system, but it is also important to treat the person. That what makes our long term residential treatment really unique.

Most people that find us have mental disorders of which they need to deal with. These could be things that stem all the way back to your childhood. Or, even recent events that have caused pain or trauma in your life. Perhaps you have never been told you are good enough. There are so many negative things that run through people’s minds that can lead them to look for drug and alcohol rehab. That’s where our rehabilitation treatment is different, we take a look at these cases as well as what you have been struggling with and tackle them head-on. We want you to not only be better physically but mentally as well. According to the latest statistics on Opioid treatment and alcohol abuse, our long term treatment programs have a great impact on the clients’ mental health.

Become Addiction Free

Indeed, thinking positively is a turning point that helps you get the maximum out of any medication. In our education sessions, our support groups learn that a strong positive mind is a beautiful thing. It not only helps you to get off your preferred substance but helps you to remain healthy and clean for life. Furthermore, it helps enjoy your sober living. We work with you to achieve your goals and become addiction free. This is a whole-body healing plan. The mind, body, and soul all need to be working together in harmony for one to feel whole, complete and happy. That’s our unique therapeutic approach to our clinic that delivered great results in alcohol treatment.

San Antonio is a beautiful place that offers a sense of peace. It has a bustling and amazing downtown and the beautiful river that runs through it. It’s a wonderful place to not only come to get relief from your addiction, but it’s also a beautiful place to visit. Enjoy the beautiful weather and take in the sunshine of Texas. If you are looking for a residential treatment, you have found the right place! We would love to speak with you and get to know what your expectations and goals are today.

In all reality, the turning point is to understand that a residential treatment will be a long term process. For example, the detox phase won’t happen over night. And it differs from one individual to the next. In a recovery center in south Texas, identical treatment programs deliver different results. So, one should be patient as what helps somebody else may not be as much helpful for you. That is why our dual diagnosis experts will investigate your case first to determine the detox and healthcare plans.

Our Recovery Plan

Alumni Support: Unfortunately, most addicts fall back in the same trap after the recovery program is over. That is where this aftercare program comes in the image. Health experts from diverse domains will help you stay on track and avoid relapse by working on your mental health as well. Indeed, our support groups play a significant role in our certified rehab facilities in San Antonio.

Family Nights: When it comes to addiction or alcohol treatment, your families and loved ones suffer equally from your issues. That is where our individual recovery plan stands out among others. Specifically, our roadmap includes therapeutic sessions that are dedicated for your loved ones. This has a double benefit. First, it helps your surrounding community to stand by you. Second, it makes your cure program works better for you and them.

Behavioral Therapy: As a matter of fact, addiction has a negative impact on your overall health condition. Yet, apart from that, it has also a bad impact on your mental activities. For example, you must have heard that some addicts commit suicide. Accordingly, our rehabilitation counseling takes this piece into consideration and acts as an intervention to avoid that.

Luxury Options for Less Payment: In each location, we view an individual more than a client. That said, it is not about the payment. Instead, it is more about the patients and their families. We want you to feel at home and enjoy our luxury options like wellness, SPA, library, etc.

Partnership Programs

Our medication management works hand-in-hand with the dual diagnosis physicians to facilitate the clinical road map and help you stay focus on your alcohol treatment.

When it comes to struggling with substance abuse, e.g. cocaine, you may need to visit several facilities that are specialized in drug rehab San Antonio TX. As a natural result, patients get overwhelmed where to begin, what type of medication to intake, what are the available options, etc. Do not worry. Our helping advisors will take you under their wings from day one. So, in case you need additional help at another recovery center, we got you covered.

Kick-off a new Life: In fact, a lot of San Antonio drug treatment centers do not consider aftercare programs. That being said, there is no follow up resources to learn from. So, unlike others, our private support does not end when you are addiction free. Instead, we enforce follow-up education sessions with a lot of information on diverse health disorders and sober living post recovery. Additionally, our state-wide social groups provide additional resources to learn from. So, we are here to take care of you in the coming years.

Services Offered

Why do you need to choose us? First, state-wide, we are one of the top rated San Antonio rehab centers. In this context, you can check the online reviews to see what others have to say about us. In addition, our dedicated staff stays to up-to-date with the most recent information on all related topics like health disorders, side-effects of popular medicines, heavy substance abuse like cocaine, relapse prevention techniques, behavioral addictions, etc.

Furthermore, our therapeutic contingency management is a comprehensive solution with a wide-range of options. It does not touch on one piece of the puzzle. Instead, it goes beyond the regular boundaries to make sure that you recover and live the life without any issues. Adding to that, our strict privacy regulations ensure that all your data is kept confidential. Besides, our partnership program that includes many alcohol and drug facilities will make you look nowhere else. Consequently, this saves you a ton of time and effort. Yet, we provide you with different healthcare alternatives. Adding to that, our 12-step program for alcohol and drug dependency is customized to adhere to adult, teenagers, men and women.

And here is the best deal about our drug treatment center San Antonio. You can go for inpatient or outpatient option. In either case, you will feel at home with us thanks to our 247 support, different options for social activities, and informative sessions about heavy substances like cocaine. Also, our licensed counselors organize family nights, behavioral therapy resources, medical guidance through the cold turkey phase, and insights into how to improve your overall health condition. In the following lines, you can learn more information about our services.

Alcoholism Treatment Program

Substance abuse is a state-wide issue. Our rehab center provides the best treatment program for you and your family.

Are you looking for the top rated alcoholism cure program? Your search ends here. Our rehab center is a top-rated facility that offers proven substance abuse therapies. The success rate of our alcohol detox program is 95% and it has never been lower than that. Your data is kept confidential and we follow up with you even after your recovery to walk you through our proven prevention techniques. Finding the best alcohol rehab San Antonio TX has never been easier than now.

Inpatient Care

Drug alcohol and substance abuse issues become more serious. Our treatment center has the best resources, supportive groups, prevention techniques, health related information, and the best type of medicine.

In fact, looking for inpatient drug rehab San Antonio is not easy. If you search Google, you will find a ton of rehabilitation treatment plans that are overwhelming. That is where we come into the image. Our skilled staff will walk you through your health condition, type of medicine you used to take, any previous Opioid treatment, and any other factors to consider. Without a doubt, our inpatient facilities will make you feel at home. We offer a unique inpatient rehab San Antonio plan. Get an idea! You won’t regret you did. We are available 24×7!

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Substance abuse and drug alcohol consumption have a negative impact on your health from day one. Our state-wide treatment center offers the top rated treatment program and the medicine with the least side effects.

Statistically, a lot of addicts do not go for any rehabilitation treatment options because they cannot stay away from work and family. That is where you need to search for outpatient drug rehab San Antonio. Our Partial Hospitalization Programs won’t make you feel the difference between residential and outpatient alternatives. So, call us and we will find a solution for you. Specifically, we offer quite flexible schedules that will definitely match your professional and private commitments.

Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Drug and alcohol dependence is no longer a problem. Our state wide rehabilitation process including customized ways for an adult and a teenager.

Your search for detoxification and Opioid treatment will end here. While we keep your data confidential, our outpatient counseling will walk you through your medical background, health conditions, current status, family commitments, known mental health issues, and lot more. This gives us more information about your needs and assists you learn which options we could offer. It does not matter whether you come from the east or the west, we will find the right addiction treatment services for you. Take a look at our substance dependence recovery options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which health insurance coverage do you accept?

We work with most of the health insurance companies for drug and alcohol addiction. For example, we work with Unitedhealth Group, Wellpoint Inc. Group, Kaiser Foundation Group, Humana Group, Aetna Group, Medicaid, etc. If your company is not listed here, do not worry. Just give us a call and we can check the full list for you. In all events, we also offer Preferred Provider Organization (POP) plans.

Is San Antonio a good place to recover?

Yes, it is for several reasons. First, it is considerably cheap to live there. Besides, the weather is warm and offers a great dry environment to recover. Also, it is a family-friendly city and mostly safe. Adding to that, you do not have to pay state tax. San Antonio has numerous points of interest and land marks such as River walk, the Alamo, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park & Mission Trail, San Fernando Cathedral & San Antonio|The Saga, Natural Bridge Caverns & the Canopy Challenge and Zip Lines, Pearl District and Farmers Market, Historic Market Square (El Mercado), Japanese Tea Garden, Day Trip to New Braunfels for Country Music and Small-Town Charm, Fiesta San Antonio, Culinary Boot Camps & Cooking Classes, etc.

What should I know about San Antonio in case I have to relocate?

It is the 7th largest city in the United States and the 2nd largest one in Texas. The number of population is 1.5 million residents. Also, it offers a great weather, warm culture and family-friendly life. In case you have to relocate, the moving companies here are very affordable and it is easy to find a place to relocate. Finally, the city is the hub of different industries and this makes finding a job after the recovery program is over way easier. To learn more information, check this online resource.

Still have inquiries about San Antonio drug rehab? Check out our FAQ-page or reach out directly at 210-890-5200.  

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