Using Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal can help. Anyone that has attempted to stop opiates after taking for an extended amount of time knows the difficult withdrawal symptoms out there. This is due to the opiates masking the pain all together. Thus, over time this will actually increase pain sensitivity. Technically, opiates work with your nervous system. The area in pain will tell the brain that it is in pain.

However, the Opiates masks that signal which make a loud pain scream signal come through to the brain as a paper cut. This is essentially how opiates work. With the Opiates gone, the pain signal is now messed up in the nervous system. And, this relationship needs to be restored. There are many things that can help with the withdrawal systems. Using Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal can help.

Indeed, opiate withdrawal’s can be harsh. But active treatments can help with this. That is why hundreds of thousands patients raise the question does Gabapentin help with opiate withdrawal? Yes, it does. There are treatment centers throughout the US that are trained in Opiate withdraw relief. Opiates have become an epidemic in the US. That is because the increase of their use as pain medications.

Things You Need to Know About Using Gabapentin for Opiate Withdrawal

Pain Killers are prescribed daily for patients to manage their pain. Accordingly, the industry as a whole has failed the general public. As the pain med usage has increased due to how opiates work and the addictive side affects they have. The general population, people that would have never thought to use Heroine are now addicted. And that is very unfortunate.

So, this is not your fault. This is a drug problem that stems from the pain pills. But, luckily there are treatments that can help get you back on your way to living without the drugs. Yet, there is one factor to consider. You need to consume the correct Gabapentin dosage for opiate withdrawal.

Gabapentin for Opiate Withdrawal

Let us advise you on using Gabapentin for Opiate Withdrawal

Indeed, our top rated drug rehab advisor recommends using Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal.  We believe that the Neurontin actually mimics the Opiates in the person’s bloodstream.  Slowing down the nerves signals to the brain that it is there is a pain.  Again, lower what pain level the brain receives helps it to be more tolerable. 

And, all of this is dependent on the person’s nervous system as well.  Everyone’s chemistry isn’t the same and how they react to the Neurontin is different.  Some patients when taking Gabapentin show no signs of withdrawal.  All the discomfort is gone. These are some lucky patients.  However, they can get addicted to the Gabapentin as well.  We recommend that you seek treatment when trying to quit taking opiates.  Others can see the benefits of using Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal.  Over time the benefits of this drug treatment could fade as well.  And, it begins to not help. 

Beat Your Addiction through Using Gabapentin for Opiate Withdrawal!

Again, a treatment center would be the best place to ask.  You may need to check one of our inpatient drug rehab centers and outpatient drug rehab centers. Alternatively, give us a call using our 24X7 Toll FREE Number at: 1-844-284-4817. Tapering the opiates use is something that every doctor will look at as well. When it comes to using Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal, it is much easier to quite a lower dose of Opiates than quit a high dose. Also, opiates build up in your system.

So, tapering slowly down can be a way to manage the withdrawals easier.   There are various methods to get off Opiates and you and doctor should discuss them all.  Some work better for some than others.  We would definitely say going cold turkey on your own would not be a good option. 

Accordingly, trying to quit a drug addiction on your own could not only be misleading. But it could be deadly.  When trying to quit a drug addiction your brain is changing chemicals.  So, be aware that you cannot think for yourself well.  Sure, the normal everyday decisions can be done.  Your brain is going to have cravings. That applies too if you go through Lamictal withdrawal

Once you have these cravings you are going weaken. Specifically, these weak points are where you may reach out and take another dose of Opiates. Only, you’ve been off of them for some time. This is when things can get dangerous. Things like you take your normal dose but your body is no longer used to it. This is where overdosing occurs. And, it can be deadly. As a result, health experts do not recommend using Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal on your own.

Addiction Level of Gabapentin

Even the mild tapering can get dangerous.  This is why we have programs.  These programs are even on different levels of treatment. Give us a call today. And let us chat about using the correct Gabapentin dosage for opiate withdrawal. So people, does Gabapentin help with opiate withdrawal without addiction? Well, we both know that if you are reading this, you probably have an addictive personality. 

Meaning your system can easily trade one addiction for another.  And, you probably thinking but what the differences between Opiates and Gabapentin are. Well, actually it’s pretty big. And, there are always risks of any treatment. And, using Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal is not an exception.  Remember how we said we weren’t totally sure on how Gabapentin works on a chemical level?  Here’s where it gets a bit confusing. That is important to deciding the right Gabapentin dosage for opiate withdrawal.

Some addicts seem to respond really well to Neurontin and can use that to get off Opiates all together pretty easily.  But, now they are taking the Neurontin. However, this drug seems to not cause any psychological or chemical addictions. Yet, if that does happen to you, let us know. And, you may need to check our source on how to stop taking Gabapentin.  Once you are on the Gabapentin, it is advised to taper off the dose and let the body’s chemistry level go back to that of the normal levels.  This will take time.  As we have mentioned you have a build up for chemicals in your body. The same thing applies to using Thomas Recipe.  

Is there a way to flush out the chemical build up?

That is one downside of consuming Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal. But, is there a way to flush out these chemicals? Yes, you can flush out the chemicals with a variety of things.  The best thing is water.  Accordingly, ensure you drink enough water to flush it through the system.  The other natural things are Vitamin C and Chinese herbs

You may also use over the counter options to help with the symptoms of the withdrawals such as Imodium AD for the diarrhea and Advil for Muscle aches.  Additionally, soak in Epson Salts baths could help with muscle aches and detoxification as well.  It draws out the toxins that are in the pores. Moreover, this will also help if you are suffering from Insomnia.  

Does Gabapentin Help with Opiate Withdrawal

What should you know about using Gabapentin for Opiate Withdrawal?

Conclusions on does Gabapentin help with opiate withdrawal

Does Gabapentin help with opiate withdrawal?  Yes, it definitely does. However, you should consider the above factors and considerations. Among them the most two important factors are the correct supervision and right dosage.

To conclude, using Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal can be a great experience.  Okay, not great, but you get the idea. This could be the way out and it’s really not that horrible.  But, there are other options as well.  Just remember not all people react to the same treatment. That is why we do offer customized treatment packages, including holistic addiction treatment.  This is why we need options.  Give us a Call. And let our rehab experts walk you through the process of consuming Gabapentin for opiate withdrawal. 

Gabapentin dosage for opiate withdrawal

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