How to stop taking Gabapentin? In fact, hundreds of thousands are searching everyday on the internet for this answer. Let us first talk about what Gabapentin (Neurontin) is. It is a drug that is used for seizure treatment and nerve pain. But, it works well for some with Opiate withdrawals. Opioid withdrawals are some of the toughest to experience.  Our job at New Start 4U is to make your recovery process as comfortable as possible regardless your insurance coverage. 

And, Neurontin helps some people overcome seizures. As the body gets back to normal, it has to rebuild certain areas of the brain, during this time. It is trying to figure out what a normal level of pain should sound like.  As with Opioids use the pain sound to the brain is shut off, this makes the body tend to make these signals louder and louder, even though, the pain is at the same level, but the brain hasn’t caught on. That is the first sign of addiction as it is also for alcohol consumption.

So, during this time our job is to make your life as comfortable as possible. This is different for people and what works and doesn’t work is different for each person. So, let’s take a look at what is involved when taking this drug. In addition, let us address the question of how to taper off Gabapentin and overcome Gabapentin  withdrawal symptoms. Before we go on, do not feel that you are by yourself. In the medical field, addiction is not always your issue and a lot of people fall in diverse traps like alcohol addiction, Cocaine consumption, Tramadol and Morphine intake, etc.

How to stop taking Gabapentin?

There are some side effects, just like any medication to Neurontin.  Unless you take the right dose, if you see any of these let us know immediately.  For example, things like drowsiness, dizziness, agitation, seizures, fever, swollen gland, body aches and flu symptoms can be a side effect. However, those are also Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms. Physicians name this phase stopping Gabapentin cold turkey that usually happens during the recovery phase. So, determining which is which sometimes can get a little complicated.  Be sure to mention all things as your biological system changes. This helps us help you. Think about it to avoid having one more disorder.

Alternatively, walk into one of our substance abuse treatment centers to get an advice. Or reach out to us at our Toll FREE Number 1-844-284-4817. We are available in all US cities. How to discontinue the intake of Gabapentin has been one of our expertise in the addiction field. Our trained staff will walk you through the treatment process and available options. And, if needed, they will work with you on a customized package to overcome your Gabapentin withdrawal.

Additionally, rapid back and forth movements in your eyes are a side issue and not one of the Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms. Jaundice or yellowing of the eyes or skin is another secondary reaction and not a withdrawal issue.  Going through the changes with you can help you understand what a side effect is and what a withdrawal issue is. Therefore, before you learn how to discontinue Gabapentin, you need to understand the difference between Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms and side effects. 

As, every day sometimes, you will experience different withdrawal symptoms.  That’s why we are here to help you with understanding the various withdrawals you are going through and going to be experiencing. That is specially true when you are going through the detox phase. And, let us know address the question of how to put an end to your substance abuse and addiction challenges.

Expert Tips on How to taper off Gabapentin

Once you are on any drug like Neurontin, you cannot terminate the intake all of a sudden. Otherwise, you will have to go throw severe Gabapentin withdrawal reactions. The difficulties you go through will depend on a lot of factors like your weight, dosage, age and the gender. However, we can help you go through. In this context, mental health experts say that it takes 5-7 hours for a half-life. Technically, it is the time needed for the body to get rid of half of the dose of the medicine.

Technically, depending on several factors, you will need several numbers of half-lives to get rid of 100% of the drug. So, this phase AKA co-occurring disorders is the worst. But you can go through it successfully if you follow simple advises. For example, sleep well and drink enough amount of water. Additionally, ask our drug rehab advisor if you have any severe symptoms like a significant increase in your heart rate, or seizures. In this context, here is a notice of privacy practices. Your data and health situation, including any drug abuse issues and your recovery plan, will be confidentially dealt with.

Dosage is a Key Factor!

According to the Annals of Pharmacotherapy, the dosage should be what your doctor decides is right for you. And, take exactly as per the doctor’s instructions.  This drug can pass through breast milk and can harm the baby. So, be sure to wear a medical id badge that states you are taking this medication. As a result, this helps speed up your recovery process. 

Technically, how to discontinue Gabapentin kicks off with the early phases before you go for this medication. Specifically, before starting Neurontin you should have liver, heart and kidney’s checks. That is really important if you have ever suffered from any heart rate issues. And, overall, use any medication as directed. Otherwise, you will fall into the trap of drug abuse. Gabapentin is a drug and like all drugs, it’s another chemical in your system. So, ensure that all doctors’ you encounter know you are taking this and what it is for.  You will need to go through regular medical checks and have frequent doctor visits. So, do not miss your doctor’s appointments. In addition, consult your doctor if in any case you experienced severe Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms.However, on the other side, other patients use Gabapentin in treating Opioid withdrawal.

Addiction Treatment Risks

To be honest, how to wean off Gabapentin involves some risks. Indeed, with all treatment plans, there are dangers. We work with our patients to reduce the risk of overdose and suicide as well as increase their mental health. In addition, we design a customized plan to easily overcome your withdrawal syndrome. Yet, if at any time you feel suicidal or seizures, go to the nearest ER department. Tell them all the medications you are taking and that you are in an addiction treatment plan. This will only help you reach your goal to beat your drug abuse. Adding to that, if you have been suffering from any other substance abuse like Heroin, it makes sense to inform your self about Postherpetic neuralgia using this journal article.

At the end of the day, you should know that you are not alone. In 90% of the cases, people are addicted due to uncontrollable circumstances. If you let us help you, we won’t make any judgments. Our experts handle you with the best respect and care. How to stop taking Gabapentin starts by admitting that there is an issue. Pick the phone during our office hours and let our skilled addiction physicians design your recovery program and your insurance options.

How to taper off gabapentin as a prescription drug includes learning postherpetic neuralgia, the right dose and mental health
We help you overcome any withdrawal syndrome in the detox phase and guide on the right dose
Overcome withdrawal syndrome using the right dose
Call our addiction hotline to help you detox and beat your Gabapentin abuse

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Gabapentin a narcotic?

According to the internationally recognized organizations, this medication is not classified as one of those Opioids that are controlled by the DEA. Yet, taking the right doses is really important and it has to be under the supervision of a doctor. In fact, it should be a prescribed medicine. And, in some cases, your health insurance will cover that. Otherwise, you will raise the question how to stop taking Gabapentin with no answer. Remember that overdoses could lead to diverse health disorders.

What is Gabapentin good for?

It is one of the prescription drugs usually prescribed for those who are suffering from RLS. Furthermore, Gabapentin shows great results to treat seizures, mental disorders, etc. However, abusing this medicine is not recommended as it could be associated with some sort of dependence. It is commonly abused because not only adults can consume it, but also children who are older than 3 years old. So, use it with cautious. Otherwise, on the intake termination, you will be suffering from withdrawal syndrome like anxiety and depression. As a result, some people fall in the trap of alcohol.

How does Gabapentin make you feel?

Literally, one can say that Neurontin has a similar effect to alcohol. It offers you a great relaxation feeling. When it is combined with other drugs, it could also decrease the disorder resulted by other medications. However, the doses and the intake timeline are really important to avoid any misuse issues. People tend to suffer from anxiety and depression disorders when they suddenly wean off. So, do it gradually to avoid the abusing trap. If you feel any signs of addiction in the tapering process, sweating for example, then contact us immediately. That applies to other medicines like Xanax and Benzodiazepines.

If your question is not answered, check our FAQs list on how to stop taking Gabapentin and substance abuse.

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