How to stop taking Gabapentin? In fact, hundreds of thousands are searching everyday on the internet for this answer. Let us first talk about what Gabapentin (Neurontin) is. It is a drug that is used for seizure treatment and nerve pain.  But, it works well for some with Opiate withdrawals.  Opiate withdrawals are some of the toughest to experience.  Our job is to make it as comfortable as possible. 

And, Neurontin helps for some people.  As the body gets back to normal, it has to rebuild certain areas of the brain, during this time. It is trying to figure out what a normal level of pain should sound like.  As with Opiate use the pain sound to the brain is shut off, this makes the body start making these signals louder and louder, even though, the pain is at the same level, but the brain hasn’t caught on.  I hope that makes some sense.

So, during this time our job is to make your life as comfortable as possible.  This is different for each person and what works and doesn’t work is different for each person.  So, let’s take a look at what is involved when taking Gabapentin. In addition, let us address the question of how to taper off Gabapentin.

Neurontin Side Effects Force People to Think Of How to stop taking Gabapentin

There are some side effects, just like any medication to Neurontin.  If you see any of these let us know immediately.  For example, things like a fever, swollen gland, body aches and flu symptoms can be a side effect. However, those are also withdrawal symptoms. Rehab experts call this phase stopping Gabapentin cold turkey.  So, determining which is which sometimes can get a little complicated.  Be sure to mention all things as your body changes.  This helps us help you. Think about it.

Alternatively, walk in to one of our Substance Abuse Treatment Centers to get an advice. Or give us a call at our Toll FREE Number 1-844-284-4817. We are available 24X7 in all US cities. How to stop taking Gabapentin has been one of our expertise in the rehab field. Our trained staff will walk you through the treatment process and available options. And, if needed, they will work with you on a customized package.

Additionally, rapid back and forth movements in your eyes are a side effect and not a withdrawal symptom.  Jaundice or yellowing of the eyes or skin is another side effect and not a withdrawal issue.  Going through the changes with you can help you understand what a side effect is and what a withdrawal issue is. Therefore, before you learn how to discontinue Gabapentin, you need to understand the difference between withdrawal symptoms and side effects. 

As, every day sometimes, you will experience different withdrawal issues.  That’s why we are here, to help you with understanding the various withdrawals you are going through and going to be experiencing. And, let us know address the question of how to stop taking Gabapentin.

Expert Tips on How to stop taking Gabapentin

Once you are on any drug like Neurontin, you cannot stop all of a sudden. Otherwise, you will have to go throw severe withdrawal symptoms. The difficulties you go through will depend on a lot of factors like your weight, dosage, age and the gender. However, we can help you go through. In this context, rehab experts say that it takes 5-7 hours for a half-life. A half-life means that it is the time needed for the body to get rid of half of the dose of the drug.

Technically, depending on several factors, you will need several numbers of half-lives to get rid of 100% of the drug. So, this phase AKA stopping Gabapentin cold turkey is the worst. But you can go through it successfully if you follow simple advises. For example, sleep well and drink enough amount of water. Additionally, ask our drug rehab advisor if you have any severe symptoms.

Dosage is a Key Factor in How to Taper off Gabapentin Without Severe Side Effects!

The dosage should be what your doctor decides is right for you.  And, take exactly as per the doctor’s instructions.  This drug can pass through breast milk and can harm the baby.  So, be sure to wear a medical id badge that states you are taking this medication. 

Technically, how to discontinue Gabapentin starts with the early phases before you start taking this medication. Specifically, before starting Neurontin you should have liver, heart and kidney’s checks.  And, overall, use as directed.  This is a drug and like all drugs, it’s another chemical in your body.  So, ensure that all doctors’ you encounter know you are taking this and what it is for.  You will need to go through regular medical checks and have frequent doctor visits.  So, do not miss your doctor’s appointments. In addition, consult your doctor if Thomas Recipe Opiate Withdrawal is good in your case.

Addiction Treatment Risks

To be honest, how to stop taking Gabapentin involves some risks. Indeed, with all treatment plans, there are risks.  We work with our patients to reduce the risk of overdose and suicide.  If at any time you feel suicidal, go to the nearest ER department.  Tell them all the medications you are taking and that you are in an Opiate treatment plan.  This will only help you reach your goal to be drug-free. That applies to all related withdrawal issues like Lamictal withdrawal.

At the end of the day, you should know that you are not alone. In 90% of the cases, people are addicted due to uncontrollable circumstances. If you let us help you, we won’t make any judgments. Our experts handle you with the best respect and care. How to stop taking Gabapentin starts by admitting that there is an issue. Call us now and let our rehab advisors bring you back on track.

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