Wondering what Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Score (C.O.W.S.) is?  Well, you’re not alone and we use this tool every day, so we are perfect to help with this. 

C.O.W.S. as we call it is a tool that clinics use to determine where you are in the stages of withdrawal from Opiates.  In fact, the withdrawal cycle is pretty much the same for most people.

However, the length of time and such can vary depending on many factors.  For instance, these factors are like your weight, the dose you were on, the dose you were taking an age and how long you were taking opiates. 

This is why we have our C.O.W.S. sheet. It has been for a while now one of the tools to treat addiction. However, one other tool we have been using for a while now is Thomas Recipe Opiate Withdrawal.

Why Does The Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Score Help?

The idea is to get a good overall picture of how you are feeling so we can combat the symptoms.  Things like diarrhea can be treated with Imodium AD for example. In addition, you could also use Gabapentin for Suboxone Withdrawals.  So, we need to get a good overall view of where you are at and how we can help.  There are so many options out there for you.  But, not all options work for all people.  This is why we need to assess you and your overall well being. Yet, do not worry. The trained staff at our Substance Abuse Treatment Centers will take care of that.

 The Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Score will tell us the level of severity you are at for your treatment plan.   These are symptoms that almost everyone has when going through treatment like upset stomach, anxiety, yawning and more.  They are simple questions that have a level to them.  For example, are your eyes watering?  Are they just tearing up or are tears flowing down your face?  What about yawning, is is 1-2 times through the evaluation or 3 or more or excessive?  All this has points associated with it.  Once the C.O.W.S. is done there will be an overall score.  This score helps us determine where you are in the withdrawals. 

What to Expect from Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Score?

On your first session, we understand that you’re going to be nervous, and it’s okay.  We meet all our clients at where they are at without any harsh judgment.  What we ask of you is pure honesty.  If we know exactly what we are dealing with, we can help you.  However, if you don’t tell us exactly what you are taking, things can get dangerous and be super painful.  Let’s be real, we know you have a problem and it’s okay.

Addiction Treatment Approaches that Work!

We have a solution and being totally honest will help us come up with a great and amazing solution for you.  Do you have triggers that you’re concerned about?  We can discuss them as well as groups that might help with your support structure.  Support during your withdrawal is super important and we understand that sometimes you don’t have a good support structure. 

We are happy to help you with that too.  Yes, we can find you some friends.  And, the best part, these friends know what you’re going through and about to endure.  Preparing yourself for a withdrawal is the best thing you can do for yourself and your success. Knowing what is ahead makes it so much easier and understanding what you can do.  It’s okay to feel a little fearful and anxious, actually, it’s pretty normal.  Give us a call at our Toll FREE Number 1-844-284-4817. You won’t regret you did. Or walk in to get your Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Score today.

Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Score

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