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Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Centers | New Start 4U
In our residential drug addiction treatment centers, we offer a behavioral therapy that knocks out any drug or alcohol abuse.
Our residential treatment improves your mental health, alleviate the co-occurring disorders and helps in the first place with the detox phase.

Residential drug addiction treatment centers is a way for getting off drugs abuse. These facilities provide a warm atmosphere for people that are facing tough withdrawal symptoms. These are typically recommended for women who have struggled with addiction for a long time. There is more support here and less triggers. The stress of daily life is not on them and they can focus on getting better and being a stronger person in a controlled environment. This kind of treatment is quite similar to an inpatient treatment but takes a bit longer. 

This option of treatment is an inpatient style of treatment that we have found to be effective mostly in women. In addition, the support groups, family therapy and counseling with other women that face the same problems are amazing and effective. Women enjoy working together for the common goal of recovery in a controlled environment that they can feel comfortable in. Residential treatment is not a child play and has to be done through a professional staff. You can reach out to us using this TFN 1-844-284-4817 to go over any questions you may have. We are available around the clock. And our four admission offices in Texas cover almost each city in the nation.

Why Do Residential Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Work?

Let us work with you and determine if this is a good option for you. Working with a residential treatment program is very rewarding and the results are amazing. Additionally, such an inpatient treatment provides great resources for aftercare as well. For example, support groups and therapist gather here to offer help and guidance. And they are happy to help even after you move on.

Once you have finished treatment, this doesn’t mean you’re done for life. Physicians at our rehab center will keep following up with you. We have people come back over the years and that is okay. We all need support in life, even if you do not suffer from a relapse but see yourself going down the wrong path, come to join us. Indeed, we are happy to listen, offer advice and speak to you in our sessions. Group sessions are a great way to build you up. If the world has been cruel and you need a pick me up later down the road, don’t be shy. Let us know. In all events, there are a few factors to consider when you pick a residential treatment program like:

  • A drug rehab should be customized to your particular case of substance abuse, or alcohol addiction.
  • A reputable recovery therapy has to offer a detox solution first to clean off your body.
  • We recommend to pick a treatment center that offers a behavioral therapy that will positively impact your mental health.
  • More often than not, drug and alcohol dependency may lead to relapse. So you should pick a sober living house that works on preventing that.
  • Go for a residential treatment that helps with the co-occurring disorders.
  • If you are on alcohol addiction beside any drugs abuse, make sure to call it out clearly as you may need a customized treatment and/or a group therapy.
  • It won’t do any harm to pick a rehab center that also offers intensive outpatient treatment programs. You may need to do that once your addiction recovery is over.

Beat Your Addiction

Offering a variety of tools that just work for helping people beat their addiction. We cannot make you seek help but we are here when you are ready. In fact, you are the one who has to decide when to go for a substance abuse treatment. And, we love working with our patients that think there is no way out because there is. We deal with people from all walks of life, no worries. Drugs don’t care who you know or what you drive. So, there are a variety of people that enter our carefree doors. We take you as you are and help you become who we know you can be. Accordingly, the transformations are amazing. People are beautiful and they just don’t remember.

Drug abuse is not always your fault. Life is quite stressful and this may lead to undesired actions. Furthermore, in some cases people fall victims to prescription drugs. As a result, looking for substance abuse treatment is not unusual nowadays in the United States. That is where we can help you get back on track. In all reality, we help find the most effective drug and alcohol recovery. This way, you do not have to try and fail. Even if you look for an intensive outpatient treatment to compensate your treatment, we can still help you with that. So, let us know and do not go through these tough withdrawal symptoms alone.

Addiction is not always your fault!

That is why we are here. We want to remind you of how you once were. You are a good person; maybe you made a bad choice or two in life. Everyone has and it’s okay to admit it and ask for help. 1000’s of people are addicted to drugs, this didn’t happen overnight, but it has happened and it’s a growing number. And they suffer once they wean off the substance.

The staggering number has to do with the medical industry pushing pain pills for years and the street drugs becoming more and more accepted into society as a whole. You’re not alone and our dedicated staff is ready to help. So, visit one of our residential drug addiction treatment centers. You will feel at home. We are there to help. You won’t regret you signed up for one of our treatment programs.

What else can we Offer?

Substance abuse can be well-treated if you put your hands on the appropriate therapy. In fact, our addiction recovery goes above and beyond to include other options like:

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