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Points of Interest and Landmarks in Austin

Do you need Things to do in Austin? Here is a list about the points of interest and landmarks in Austin. Coming to town and looking around before arriving to see what we have to offer? Well, Austin is one of the best cities in the nation, if you ask us. There are so many various things to see and do in this great town. Things like Museums, Cemeteries, Theaters to Natural Wonders. Are you into the nightlife or more of a family type theme? We here in Austin have a little bit of everything.

6th Street

This is a great place for nightlife if you are young and looking to have a great time dancing and music this is your place. There are some very original bars and nightlife to see there. But, during the day it is a great little quaint place to check out. Great local food and the music, we did mention the music, right? This is a nice place to just see and enjoy the world around you. In addition, it is close to our drug rehab in Austin.

South Congress Avenue

South Congress Avenue is really worth your attention. The locals call this SoCo and it a chance for the visitors to get a taste of the “Real Austin". Catch a parking spot on one of the side streets and set out on foot for a great adventure. There are lots of local retail shops and fabulous local restaurants. The quirky shops, rented scooter riders and small cafe’s make it a perfect destination for people watching. Grab a cup of Joe and enjoy watching the people in this little quaint area of town. 

Points of Interest and Landmarks in Austin
Points of Interest and Landmarks in Austin
Austin, Texas
Points of Interest and Landmarks in Austin

Bike and Mountain Bike Tours

When it comes to points of interest and landmarks in Austin, there are several options for going on a bike tour. And, there are various kinds of bikes as well. FYI, biking helps you overcome this Lamictal withdrawal symptoms list. We have the Your Biker Gang option that puts you and your friends on electric bikes. These fat tired mini bikes are super easy to use. You must be 16 years of age to drive one and 48" tall to be the passenger. This is a quiet way to explore the city on a motor. They have road captains that take you around the city and show you some of the best landmarks available. These guys are out to give you a fun and safe tour of the city.

New Start 4U brings you here more information about points of interest and landmarks in Austin. What about renting a pedal bike to get around? Barton Springs Bike Rentals and Tours can do just that. And, if you want a guide they offer this service as well as you can go exploring on your own. The guides are really knowledgeable of the history, facts,  environment, animals, the music scene and so much more. If you are not sure what to do while you are in Austin, just ask the guides. They know a lot about our great city and are eager to help.

Rocket Electrics

What about combing the two options and go with Rocket Electrics? These guys offer up some unique electric bikes that are sure to please. If you want to see more than just tourist stuff, this is the group for you. These guys like to give their guests the true taste of what Austin stands for. Come to Austin and find out what other great adventures await. You will enjoy all these points of interest and landmarks in Austin.

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