Privacy Policy Scope

This privacy policy is only for this particular website and its contents. It does not and is not meant to cover any other parts of the internet or institution. Any terms using we, us, or our is referring to our company and its subsidiaries. Technically, we maintain all information we collect. Also, by the reference of “you" we mean the person that is using this website as well as our services. Or, we mean the person that is reading this or the person of whom you are reading this website and providing information for. You automatically accept this privacy policy by using this website. If you find our privacy policy unacceptable, please leave the website and do not use our services.


Certain health care information is protected by HIPAA and that will override this privacy policies act. All health care information is governed by HIPAA and the HIPAA laws and rules. As a drug addiction and rehab center, we understand that your privacy is very important. Rest assured we take all steps and precautions to ensure your privacy is safe with us. We understand that addiction is a very personal and private matter that we deal with carefully. That is why our staff will collect and gather information about you only for the sole purposes of treatment. We will keep all data under the HIPAA law regulations.

Personal Information

The types of information we collect are simple on the website, personal information mostly. Your personal information is information about where you live, your age, and ways to identify and contact you. These are to be used for only us and you will decide how we use them. For example, you will grant us permission to leave voicemails or you can choose for us to not.

As well as you can choose what form of communication is best for you. This website will continue to collect information as well that is not linked to any specific person, but website traffic in general. Technically, we collect this information to find traffic patterns to the website and how that traffic interacted with the website. In this context, we may use this traffic information without restriction as it does not identify any specific person and is anonymous data.

Privacy Policy

Use of Cookies

This site does use limited Cookies. Generally, website managers use Cookies to allow access to password-protected areas, remember your viewing preferences and generally speed up the browsing. These cookies are not collecting anything personal to you. Getting cookies is standard in the internet industry. We do not control these cookies and are not responsible for them. They are small bits of data that are shared with your computer. In this context, your computer and browser use them to offer you the internet user experience that you have grown to like.

Once you are a patient

We will only use your personal information to alert you of appointments, results from tests and other necessary communication. Also, our staff will never use this information to solicit anything. That is not the scope of our policy here. In addition, we won’t sell this data to any third-party. In this sense, we advice you to review our terms of use page to know more about our policy. Feel free to ask us if you got any questions.

Additionally, you should know that we assign you a case manager once you signed up for our treatment programs. This way, we guarantee a smooth communication and consistent treatment steps. Our recovery programs have 95% success rate. In most cases, our patients do not fall back in the addiction trap. And it is now your turn. In the meantime, you may need to check our frequently asked questions, reach out using our TFN help line, or fill in the contact form with any inquiries. 

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